Company profile

R.B.C. Terminal is a family owned organization, founded in 2012.

R.B.C. Terminal uses a 40.000 m2 container storage area with a capacity of 2400 TEU (incl 1350 ADR-TEU) and is direct situated on the highway A15.

The terminal specializes in handling and storing (ADR) tank containers (ISO tanks and SWAB bodies), both loaded or empty. It is fully equipped with all the necessary safety provisions, including fire extinguishing equipment, a calamity unit (spill unit) and liquid-retaining and liquid resistant floors.

Next to a road connection, we also have barge connections to the short- and deep sea terminals in Rotterdam (NL) and Antwerp (BE), and to all inland terminals in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. The R.B.C. Terminal has together with Cetem Containers the availability of 2 jetties.

R.B.C. Terminal is a 'one-stop-shop' for transfer and storage of empty and loaded (tank) containers, including hazardous substances. We can also heat or cool your product by using (hot) water, electricity or steam.