Container hub

R.B.C. Terminal is the one of the main Rotterdam hub for laden/empty ADR and non-ADR (tank) container flows and is situated in the center of the Port of Rotterdam, Botlek, next (3 minutes) to the highway A15.


For trucks we act as a pivot point, using the cargo card trucks drop an empty or laden container (for a short- or deep sea terminal) and pick-up another container from our terminal, all in one stop. Per barge R.B.C. Terminal arranges the final transport to and from the wanted sea terminal. The advantages are: reduction of transport costs, such as trucking kilometers, waiting hours and Maasvlakte surcharges.


For barges we act as a collection point. In reference to the minimum call size for barges at the Maasvlakte Terminals we collect all types of containers and daily barge these together to the sea terminals. The advantages are: no extra shipping to the Maasvlakte, easy barge slot booking, no minimum call size, centralized in the center of the Port of Rotterdam on a waterway transit route.


For (tank)containerswe act as a relocation point. More and more containers go direct per barge from the sea terminals to inland terminals. After unloading these containers have to be relocated to an empty depot in Rotterdam without water connection.  (Too) often these containers return by road. R.B.C. Terminal has water connection, arranges the barge and the final shunt to your empty depot. The advantages are: cheaper and less CO2-reduction per container.

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