Value Added Logistics

In addition to the storage of (tank) containers, R.B.C. Terminal add value to your supply chain. Consider, for example, heating the tank container with hot water or steam, or connecting your reefer. R.B.C. Terminal is also able to represent your interests for your import administration, such as prepaying the THC to the carriers and preparing the customs documentation.

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Heating methods

  • Hot water or Steam
    The tank containers can be equipped with a 2m remote dip stick. The temperature can then be monitored 24/7 via software and even an app on the phone. A heating curve is then made of each tank container. The necessary ‘critical alarm warnings’ can also be added to carry out heating in a safe and controlled manner. R.B.C. Terminal has 20 connection points for hot water, steam heating is carried oud by third parties.
  • Electric
    Certain substances and/or chemicals must be heated extremely high in order to be unloaded on location at the correct temperature. For electrically heating and/or maintaining the temperature of special tank containers.
  • Reefers
    The long-term connection of reefers is also possible, for which a total of 60 connections are available.
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It is possible that your equipment is no longer sufficient to arrive at your destination in good condition. It can then be decided that the product must be transported with a different modality. When necessary, R.B.C. Terminal cross-pump the product into another tank container or even tank truck. Transferring from a tank truck to a tank container is also possible.

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Import services

Several parties are involved in the arrival of (tank) containers in the port of Rotterdam. This can cause confusion and ultimately lead to delays in your supply chain, resulting in additional costs. With the help of our experience, we can guide your import process and, if necessary, take it completely off your hands. R.B.C. Terminal takes care of the contact with the relevant parties and also takes care of the correct financial settlement, you have one contact person instead of multiple.

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More information

Do you have any questions for our professionals in Rotterdam about the possibility of Value Added Logistics? We give you tailor-made advice and of course think along with you.

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